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About SureScan TeleRadiology

SureScan Teleradiology having a web-based service which aims at providing an accurate radiological diagnosis instantly and at very economical costs. Our promoters are associated with Diagnostic business as a leading radiologist since last 10 years & looking at the industrial requirement, we have expanded our services to online Teleradiology platform to support our clients across the globe. In addition to online radiology, it also offers its own unique radiology learning programme for the radiologists and advanced 3D reconstruction services.

We focuses on working with hospitals, clinics and radiology imaging centers helping them to meet their requirements when there is shortage or unavailability of radiologists, when there is over flow of studies, when night coverage is required, when there is an expert opinion is required from a specialist etc. We have a team of radiologists, dental radiologists and nuclear medicine specialists geographically spread across the globe.

At SureScan Teleradiology we have combined over 10 years of radiology practice experience across all modalities to bring you the highest quality services available today. Well equipped to be comparable to international standards and ISO Certified. With a wide range of experience, our radiologists are trained in some of the best institutions in the India.

With 24 x 7, round the clock services, we offer our teleradiology interpretation and reporting services in all the modern imaging modalities like X-Rays, CT Scans, MRI Scans, Ultrasounds, Mammograms, Nuclear Scans etc. With supreme professionalism including innovation and modern technology our teleradiology coverage ensures you have all your queries sorted at a single destination and on a single go.

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