Radiology Reporting

Radiology Reporting

Remote Radiology Services
Patients don't present themselves in regular patterns or fixed times. SureScan Teleradiology Service Providers can help strike the right balance between preparedness and efficiency, and make optimum use of your time and resources while maintaining the highest standards of medical care.

Sub-Specialty Radiology Consultations
There is a difference between routine reads and reading by people with subspecialist exposure. Sub-specialty consultations through SureScan Teleradiology Service Providers offer your practice convenient access to expertise in a wide range of fields, and enable your practitioners to build relationships with dedicated sub-specialists.
SureScan Teleradiology have people with subspeciality exposure in neuroradiology, musculoskeletal radiology, cardiac imaging, PET scanning, breast imaging and abdominal imaging.

Tailormade Remote Radiology Services
Finally it is all about good people working together well. SureScan Teleradiology will put together a team of Radiologists specifically for you. Led by our chief Radiologist Dr. Sachin Mishra, SureScan Teleradiology are medical professionals who will become a virtual extension of your pre-existing team, working to the same exacting standards you set.
SureScan Teleradiology offers flexible service structures.
We understand that every practice has different needs and we offer flexible schemes to optimally assist you in managing your practice.

Quality Assurance
Do you think quality is prime concern for your organization? Think of building an overead review programme with our radiologists. SureScan Teleradiology can help medical practices establish and organize an over-reads schedule and system, making this a smoothly run part of your normal operations. We smoothly integrate into your system and offer kind of modern day mentorship programme.

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